who is mimi?

Welcome to “the world according to mimi”!!!

“mimi” is not exactly the alter ego of myself, rather she is a part of me.

The part of me that is amplified times two.

Hence the play on the name.

She is also the part of me that is sarcastic, humorous and sometimes misunderstood. And sometimes, “mimi” offends people with her “truthful banter” and she means for it to happen; not to hurt anybody maliciously, but rather to get them to think.

Thinking is important to me. Thinking comes from reading, learning, and then questioning –repeating those verbs over and over again.

Thinking stops people from settling.

Thinking stops the breeding of sheep.

Sheep do not think; they follow blindly.

Some people think if they are too pragmatic, they lose their ability to feel. This could not be further from the truth; but thinking about your feelings may assist in keeping a check on your emotions.

“mimi” will express her thoughts, emotions and her thoughts about her emotions in her “world”. It won’t always be pretty, she may cuss, go on wild tangents, but hopefully she will make you think, laugh, and love the world with all of its crazy idiosyncrasies.

Thanks for stopping by and if “mimi” made you laugh, cry, get angry or think

…tell a friend!!!

Live from the cubicle plantation…

–this is mimi

  1. Hey chelly!! No meatloaf !!

  2. I agree with that, we should have a topic about no MEATLOAF!!! LOL

  3. question, what in the World is a Meatloaf and im not talking about food!

  4. dope dope dope.. love it and love seeing you branching out.

  5. I got both my eye bls on you.

  6. Porfirio Rubirosa ( AKA) AL

    Wow so u refer us men as meatloaf :\

  7. Sometimes you have malicious intent when you eat meatloaf!

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